LETTER: Families need two vehicles in Sooke


Re: Sooke council rejects parking plan (News, Nov. 19)

I am deeply disturbed by the remark by Mayor Maja Tait regarding the need for parking in the affordable housing complex on Charters Road.

She states: “These are units meant to be affordable. I think if families can afford more than one vehicle, they don’t need affordable housing.” Give your head a shake!

Families (especially living in Sooke and beyond) often require two vehicles. This does not determine financial status but a necessity.

Is Mayor Tait inferring that these families are driving luxury vehicles or just transportation modes to get from home to work or school?

I think we should be promoting consistent employment, and we all know that one income will not cut it on Vancouver Island. Has the mayor ever tried to work and shuffle children to school while relying on public transit?

These types of government decisions are reasons why living below a certain income level is more attractive than trying to get ahead.

Corina Whitford



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