LETTER: Farmland must be preserved

Reader says the hundred-mile diet is not a fad, but a rehearsal for food security in the future


Re: District looks to close gap on food insecurity (News, June 24)

Money is a significant factor for people securing food. We also need to think ahead. Seriously. If there is nothing in the grocery store, none of us will have groceries unless we grow our own.

The “hundred-mile diet” is more than a fad. It is a practical rehearsal for food security in the future. Very soon, California may not be able to export produce to B.C. “America first” may be the policy for shipping lettuce and cabbage.

The District of Sooke needs to prioritize preserving farmland, whether or not it is in the Agricultural Land Reserve. A bedroom community with no thought for kitchens or kitchen gardens is a poor design for the future.

In an early announcement for the new shopping centre proposed off Eustace Road, I noticed that Sooke was described as the westernmost suburb of the Western Communities. I would instead Sooke grow into an independent township, rich in natural services and secure in its food supply.

Heather Phillips



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