LETTER: First Past the Post isn’t perfect, but we understand it

LETTER: First Past the Post isn’t perfect, but we understand it

If you sign a contract that has a problem, then you start with a problem. The voting referendum is an example of a problem.

The stacked cards are in favour of the reigning party who holds all the aces. Voters are promised they will win at a game of blind man’s bluff much like a game of high-stakes poker with an illusionist. We are being asked by politicians to trust them while we hand over a blank cheque.

The winning hand will be dealt behind the closed door backroom, hidden by smoke within the legislative house. They will arrange the cards until it suits them. No guarantees, no closing date and a hustling with a limited-time offer. Watch closely as voters are given a slight-of-hand lesson using confusion and illusion.

We will have given away our rights. A vague handful of Yes votes authorize the proportional representation to proceed.

Is it a deal that is to good to be true. The rules are not clear and the shaky coalition can not provide the answer to the unknowns.

Independent candidates will have as much chance of winning as the odds in the national lottery. We will have politicians without borders. Polished politicians will be parachuted into swing neighbourhoods. Kiss goodbye to your local politician as they could be sent packing to the outback by their leader.

The referendum is a diversion from the real problems.

We should not have faith in politicians who have had projects pushed to the point of no return, muted commission inquiries, scientific experts prohibited from speaking out, hidden deferred accounting, fake balanced budgets and a by-election thrown in as another distraction.

The public should support First Past the Post until we know all the details. It isn’t perfect but it is the devil we know. Voters deserve to know all rules of the game.

Voters have their limits, politicians must play within it.

Art Bickerton