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LETTER: Gambling is a problem, not an opportunity

The proposal for a casino in Saanich is the wrong direction to be taking the municipality.

I think that most people in the district also want their children growing up in a safe municipality that they can be proud of. I think that they also want one that is not tainted by questionable ethics and one that does not encourage an atmosphere where crime can thrive and take place. It seems that most do not want their district to be one where people from here, or anywhere, can easily throw away their livelihoods and those of their family.

It is known and well documented that casinos in B.C. have been used to launder money for criminal organizations, of both domestic and international varieties. Saanich should not position itself to become a likely conduit for the financial movement of ill-gotten gains.

Gambling, whether illegal or legal, destroys the lives of real people. To profit from it would be a shame for the whole community. Gambling should be treated as a serious problem. It should not be treated as an opportunity.

This is Saanich, not Las Vegas. Let’s keep it that way.

Sasha Izard