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LETTER: Graduates being denied once-in-a-lifetime experience

Why is high school graduation being denied but youth sports entertainment is allowed?

Adrian Dix declared the Western Hockey League has been approved to resume play. Special variances are created for teen sports entertainment. Even travel between cities and close contact of the players is approved. Bonnie Henry gave special permission for religious ceremonies to practice indoors.

However, after 13 years of academic achievements, our Grade 12 graduates are being denied the ability to graduate with their friends at UVIC, even six feet apart, in full gowns and masks. The exact same students are in “learning cohorts” of 120 students in school and that is allowed. They have even been denied a “drive-in movie” option where they are in individual cars and also denied graduating outside.

If the students all showed up in the lineup at Costco, maybe they could graduate with their friends there instead?

Grade 12 students under 18 are also being denied getting the COVID vaccine, even though universities have been declared as opening full time in the fall and the minimum safe vaccine age is 16.

Why is our province creating accommodations for sports entertainment and religion while denying graduates the once-in-a-lifetime academic achievement and the ability to be vaccinated?

Lara Allsopp