LETTER: Happy 150th Birthday Canada

You have served us well Canada giving us freedom to live a life of choices and new beginnings.

Since my grandparents emigrated from a troubled part of Europe in 1909 to this “land of milk and honey,”you have served us well Canada giving us freedom to live a life of choices and new beginnings.

Through the years, my travels have taken me throughout North America, a dozen countries in Europe and part of Asia.

I was educated in systems that govern people, seeing prosperity in developing areas, and poverty in off-the-main-road locations, and the obvious physical hardships experienced by many.

This imbalance of necessities echoes throughout the world. Is this a manifestation of human greed?

Today in our country government either sleeps with or is overshadowed by industry – A powerful industry that has no remorse for its immoral actions to humankind here before you were born are deprived of their livelihood. No fault of yours, Canada. It was planned human action.

However, Mother Nature does not belong to any industry or affiliation, it has and will act to restore balance. Perhaps fortresses will fall in the process, if that’s part of nature’s plan.

High on the list as a favourite country known to many I look to you Canada as an equalizer for all our citizens as well as for the resources gifted to us. The resources that abound on land and sea that can only continue to benefit all when nature is allowed to govern the process of balance.

You may be a youngster of 150 years, but you have opened my eyes – outer and inner eyes see beyond today. To witness the action of fairness and equality restored and as a supporter I walk my talk and participate. So be it.

If support begins at the individual level, it can also spread – like ripples of the sea. And many of us are already on this path. Together we will see our country restore to its wholeness and potential. That will be our gift to you, Canada.

For my home bounty and beauty for decades, Canada I thank you and celebrate you on July 1, a momentous occasion of a domination. A country that many look up to.

Jean Moncur, Sooke