LETTER: He never called Steibel a ‘leftie’

Letter-writer he was knocking leftist media rubbish

Re: Facts speak for themselves (Letters, June 21)

I admit to holding back a laugh when I read Rick Steibel’s quip about you, Mr. Editor, “allowing” a reader to find fault with his diatribe. How disloyal of you!

He doesn’t seem to read very accurately. I said he was perpetuating leftist media rubbish, not that he was a “leftie,” of course, it may well be said that if something wags its tail, chases mailmen and eats Alpo it could very well be a dog.

The actual gist of my letter, Mr. Editor, was that I don’t appreciate vitriol and character assassination posing as journalism, or even political commentary.

It’s not my intention to insult Mr. Steibel’s intelligence but as I’m sure you are aware, intelligence is not the same as wisdom. Where intelligence might be quickness of thought, wisdom is more patient in drawing its conclusions.

Being in print does not bestow upon the writer the qualifications to pontificate on any subject that strikes his or her fancy even if it does afford them the ability to do so.

I deliberately refrained from promoting my political views because – A. Who cares what I think? and B. I am not an accredited political scientist.

Everyone has a right to an opinion, even though all opinions do not carry equal weight.

Let’s remember,too, that an opinion is a conclusion and not a critique. There may also be some truth to the idea that hatred is a character flaw.

John Pimm