LETTER: Health concerns about cell towers

Reader says it’s dispiriting the focus on cell towers is more about property values than health

LETTER: Health concerns about cell towers

Re: Third time lucky for Freedom cell tower (News, Feb. 26)

It’s a sad day when we don’t regard a few hundred peer-reviewed, journal-published studies that link cell towers with myriad health issues from cancer to chronic inflammation and anxiety as enough proof to warrant limiting their presence in neighborhoods.

While the article suggests there might be some bias in the studies that have shown health damages, it does not note a more likely occurrence of bias, namely in the many studies commissioned by the cell phone industry and its governing bodies that are both invested in limiting doubts around the dangers of RF radiation and thus tend to conclude that cell towers are not harmful.

For anyone thinking that it’s OK to live, work or go to school near a cell tower, check out: www.ehtrust.org/science/cell-towers-and-cell-antennae/compilation-of-research-studies-on-cell-tower-radiation-and-health/.

It’s dispiriting that the focus seems to have been on how awful cell towers look and thus devalue property, whilst little mention is made of health concerns, which are real and cumulative and, sadly, will not vanish simply because we believe they don’t exist.

Jo Phillips



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