LETTER: Heritage preservation worth the effort

Re: the letter ‘Heritage restorations prove too costly,’ in the March 11 Victoria News.

Regarding the rebuilding of the historic Muirhead House in Vic West, the house was insured and that will pay a substantial amount of the costs, with the balance being made up from the owner and, hopefully, donations from the public.

Considering the Craigflower Schoolhouse, this site is now under the care of the Hallmark Heritage Society, a group which includes highly trained professionals in law, engineering, philosophy, and other disciplines.

The society celebrates local architecture both modern and historical. These are not “hobbyists.” Through its occupancy and use of the schoolhouse, the Hallmark Heritage Society is saving the owners, the province, an estimated $40,000 per year in operational and maintenance costs.

Ken Johnson, president

Hallmark Heritage Society