LETTER: Houlihan would make a great bike park

I felt a little conflicted when I read the article on Houlihan Park. As a bike park, it would have been an ideal solution to the Haro Woods problem where dirt jumps and trail building were having a negative impact on the native species there.

At Houlihan Park there is no sensitive natural environment, it’s in a great location and you want a hill for fun jumps, but as a neighbour of a recreation facility I know sound travels.

Most options to properly utilize the precious green space at Houlihan Park like a bike or dog park would produce noise pollution as well as other impacts. Any option that attracts cars will require parking space and increase traffic and air pollution. I can understand why neighbours of Houlihan Park are in no hurry for any change. Still, it is municipal property and currently a waste of space.

Greg Carmichael