LETTER: Housing project doesn’t fit in family neighbourhood

Jim Rondeau’s letter of May 20 totally missed the essence of Central Saanich residents’ concerns. In Victoria, BC Housing has been randomly placing people in supportive housing without regard to their behaviours and unmanageable violence.

Central Saanich residents are concerned that this will also happen with the Prosser Road property, which is located in the centre of a family area, our children’s community sports fields and seniors’ complexes. Any violent or criminal activity in this area will impact our most vulnerable people.

BC Housing is not responding to our questions regarding who will be housed at the Prosser Road site and how/if they will be pre-screened. This lack of transparency is alarming. Fortunately, our MLA, Adam Olsen, has raised these issues and demanded answers.

The provincial government is trying to deal with mental health and addictions, which are both health issues, by pushing the problems and costs onto the municipalities, without regard for the safety of residents and our children. As David Eby and BC Housing act under the authorization and direction of Premier Horgan, and they refuse to respond to our questions, Premier Horgan needs to step forward and address our concerns.

E. Walsh

Central Saanich