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LETTER: ICBC low rates come at a price

Isn’t ICBC wonderful with its new low rates.

That is until you are the innocent party in an accident, as is a member of our family, when you will receive no compensation for pain and suffering. If you are not able to work, you will not be paid for the first seven days, after that, you must use up any sick pay from your employer, and any holiday pay. And if you have any other insurance coverage that pays for lost wages, that must be used before ICBC pays you anything, and you must provide all this information.

So let’s say you are driving to work and get rear-ended. You have paid for a holiday a few months ahead with your family, and you are off work for a month, but your family will be going on holiday without you, so you have used up your holiday time and holiday pay, you have also used up your sick days. And if you’re in an accident where there is some doubt as to who is at fault, ICBC is the sole judge.

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Peter Gill