LETTER: Issue at YYJ flies under the radar

I read, with interest, your article on the issue of Victoria International Airport Authority/Nav Canada spending $4.3 million on an unusable extension.

I sent in an inquiry and got a response from airport administration last October directing me to NavCanada. The individual told me that a tree in the Brethour Cemetery obscured the tower’s view to the end of the taxiway. CCTV was being considered but not the ideal solution due to cost. Now they are talking about moving the tower.

Maybe some consultation about removing the tree, with compensation, is in order. This understandably ‘slips under the radar’ (no pun intended) in terms of accountability. With respect to airport CEO Geoff Dickson laying this off on the pandemic is a cop out. If the taxiway is a safety issue, as indicated, then find a solution.

Brian Losie