LETTER: Kemp Lake plan not an improvement

Weekly letters to the editor from within the Sooke community.

Re: Kemp Lake foreshore plan should be delayed (Readers’ Letters, Feb. 8)

Ken Pungente’s letter concerning the Kemp Lake infrastructure improvement proposal makes some important points.

This proposal is not an improvement but a restriction and should be delayed to allow time to look at the bigger picture.

The plan would create a fenced off picnic area and fishing dock while eliminating one of two boat accesses to the lake. There are two legal accesses to Kemp Lake, one at Chubb Road and the other at the end of Milligan Road, where the proposed project would take place.

The Capital Regional District shouldn’t be allowed to take over control of the lake access from the Highways Ministry as would happen with this proposal. Access should remain under the ministry’s control.

Putting a picnic area into the boat access isn’t an improvement, it’s a restriction.

John Brohman