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LETTER: Lambrick Park lot hidden from view

In the midst of the heatwave, my dog and I were walking around Lambrick Park (really too warm to be doing so). No pockets, so I was carrying the usual things – dog leash, doggie bags, Kleenex, my mask, keys – and on my return to my car I was shattered to find that from all the above I had (of course) lost my keys.

Everything useful was locked in the trunk of my car.

What was wonderful on this stressful day was the kindness of strangers. People let me use their phones – one woman gave me ice cubes for myself and my dog, someone looked after my dog while I had another quick look round the park for my keys.

I phoned a towing company and told them I was at Lambrick Park in the parking lot on Tyndall. Two hours later, and more calls to company who said they had been to the lot and I was not there. They were at the wrong lot. Another kind man phoned for a taxi for me and my dog. We came home, got another set of keys and the taxi brought us back to the park.

This was some three hours following my original call to the towing company – and wouldn’t you know it, a truck had just arrived to rescue me, which now, of course, was not necessary. However, they charged me $71 for showing up – some three hours late.

Note to Saanich: Please mark more clearly the entrance to the parking lot for Lambrick Park – the one on Tyndall about 100 yards from Feltham. If I wasn’t familiar with it, I would drive by it too.

But I do want to thank all those who helped me (though I do wish most of them in their phone calls had not so strongly referred to me as an “elderly lady in distress” – which, of course, I was.

Doreen Byrnell