LETTER: Lamenting the loss of a friend

Reader says she hoped the Evergreen Centre developer would have saved the trees

LETTER: Lamenting the loss of a friend

Re: Work starts on mall expansion (News, July 17)

Today, I was lamenting over the loss of a friend.

For years before I moved here, I would look at the trees at Evergreen Centre and smile. They have over the years become friends.

Now that I live in Sooke and am lucky enough to work here, I’ve been able to look out the windows at the store when I have a moment and admire them: the shape of them, how they move in the wind.

When the fog monster would awake and move over the tree tops, it was beautiful thing to see. Later in the day when the sun comes out, the tree tops would shine with the glow.

All that ended July 15 when the wrecking ball came down and to quote Joni Mitchell, they paved paradise to put up a parking lot. The view from the window will never be the same and that’s sad.

I hoped they would save the trees with the new build, or maybe if some thought had gone into it, a carver could have created something meaningful to Sooke in the felled tree trunks and then re-install them near the mall when construction finished.

Vicki Anderson, Sooke