LETTER: Let carriage operators work in peace

LETTER: Let carriage operators work in peace

It is my understanding council voted May 16 on whether to review the horse and carriage industry next September, with the idea of phasing them out. And ridiculously replacing them with e-carriages, a.k.a. automobiles.

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I am appalled that a well run, law abiding business with one of the oldest business licenses in Victoria should be so unnecessarily harassed.

Every horse expert, the SPCA and the veterinarians report that the horses are in great shape.

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They operate in the quiet streets of James Bay and we love them.

The threat of business disaster is taking a toll on the health and energy of the people who work in this beloved industry. This kind of unnecessary abuse of these responsible and hard working people is unconscionable and disgraceful.

Listen to the residents who have overwhelmingly indicated their support for this Victoria tradition.

Listen to the experts. Let these people do what they do in peace.

Do not force them to spend the summer in fear for their futures when they have done nothing wrong and are doing everything right.

Barbara Pedrick