LETTER: Letter-writer won’t tolerate unproven alarmism


Re: Experts on steps of quackery (Letter, Nov. 4)

Sorry Chris deRosenroll, but I’ll take the word of the three man-made climate change critics any day over your unnamed critics.

If Michael Schellenberger is so unqualified, then why is his book already sold out? And if Steven E. Koonin is a “quack,” why is his book also a bestseller? As for Joe Bastardi, his credentials and history speak for themselves. And I’ll take his 30 maps and 11 charts as valid until proven that any one of them is false.

Finally, throwing out the “paid for by the fossil fuel lobby” line is a cheap shot until proven otherwise. Back to the drawing board, I would suggest Mr. deRosenroll. Take that from a former award-winning environmental reporting pioneer at the St. Catharines Standard. I’m very much for controlling pollution. But I don’t tolerate unproven alarmism.

Andy Neimers



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