LETTER: Little town with big hearts

LETTER: Little town with big hearts

Do you remember Feb. 7, 1967?

I was 30 years old, and in hospital having my fifth son.

My husband George Lofstrom and two of my sons were visiting the Donnelly’s on Sooke River Road, while the two others boys were in school.

Our house was on fire when George returned home, but it was too late to save anything.

The fire was caused by faulty electric wiring, and we lost everything.

But we gained so much more because of Sooke’s big heart,

One couple rented us a large house on the corner of Kaltasin Road, and two months of free rent.

Residents, clubs and businesses donated furniture, appliances and clothing. What we didn’t need we gave it back.

Although I am now 82 years old, I haven’t forgotten the wonderful people of Sooke. The Little Town with Big Hearts.

Marion Lofstrom (Vickberg)