LETTER: Many questions on Highway 14 upgrade

Reader says a four-lane road needed

LETTER: Many questions on Highway 14 upgrade

They are going to build a bypass road around the 17 Mile Pub from Connie Road to Glinz Lake Road.

Will there be stoplights at the intersections? This will further back up Sooke Road. The traffic is bad now.

I don’t understand the method in their madness. It seems the right hand and left hand don’t make contact.

Why isn’t the rest of the four lanes not finished after 40 years? The government said it ran out of money.

Well, how many millions are they going to spend on this bypass?

The people of Sooke seem to be happy with the old road or they would have been making waves to finish the four lanes a long time ago.

We need a group in Sooke to get a petition to finish the four lanes. Traffic is backed up daily past Saseenos to the 17 Mile Pub.

Gordon Stewart

Otter Point