LETTER: Mariner’s Village a great spot for a park

Mariner’s Village is for sale. Could it be turned into a public park? asks reader

One of my most cherished sights is when I approach Sooke Elementary School and I have an unobstructed view of our picturesque Sooke harbour and basin.

It’s a constant reminder of where I live and why I love living here. To witness this panorama is supernatural and it needs preservation.

Mariner’s Village is for sale. Could it be turned into a public park?

It may appear to some that this is a grandiose idea that has no merit or based on economic reality.

Condor Properties Ltd. went into Bankruptcy on June 21, 2016. The Bowra Group Inc. was appointed trustee in bankruptcy. Up for sale is the remaining 8.6 acres of land and the marina.

The marina has a lease with the province meaning it would be able to sell the company’s interests in that lease agreement. The District of Sooke is owed $442,000 in property taxes.

Could we have a community dialogue as to the merits of considering this proposal? Could we do a land swap? What about a 150th Canada birthday legacy for Sooke? Fundraising activities? Is anyone on Sooke council studied this idea? What about the Capital Regional District?

The least Sooke and the CRD could do is to buy a strip of land alongside the highway that would be set aside for public use; and any future development limited by a height restriction to preserve the view.

Does anyone else agree that setting aside, this jewel of land as a public park, would be a landmark decision that future generations would appreciate?

This is a golden opportunity of a lifetime for Sooke. Are there any visionaries out there who will take a leadership role? Do we have the courage and foresight to navigate these uncharted waters? Come on Sooke – let’s hear your ideas to make this a reality.

Mick Rhodes, Sooke