LETTER: Mural stokes embers of hate

LETTER: Mural stokes embers of hate

Thank you to Gord Gummer and Todd Preston for speaking up regarding the hateful message put into the mural in Bastion Square. And shame on Lisa Helps for not having those letters in the mural removed immediately.

We are all learning that we have a lot of systemic racism and other prejudices based on gender, religion, economic status, etc. We can all use educating to become more aware so that we grow more tolerant and embrace our cultural differences. That is what makes Canada beautiful.

I am so grateful for our police and have experienced the kindness and compassion of officers in times of need. Painting (literally) them all as evil is just as ignorant and vile as what racists do. So whoever put that in the mural and those that applaud it….you are part of the problem.

Barbara MacDonald