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LETTER: Music education crucial to children’s learning

I was shocked, dismayed, and quite frankly, disgusted to learn about the proposed budget cuts to music programs in the Greater Victoria School District (SD61).

I could write an essay explaining to you why music education is a crucial and pivotal part of every child’s educational process, and how it impacts their social-emotional development, academic skills (especially in language and math), cultural awareness and appreciation, hand-eye coordination, work ethic and discipline, teamwork and collaboration… but it’s 2021 and this is well established.

I noticed on Page 33 of the proposed budget that one of the balancing strategies is “No sacred cows.” If that is the case, then why are there no proposed cuts to athletic programs in our district? Does SD61 not consider them expendable like the fine arts?

Please help SD61 staff, students, and parents get the word out. We wish for SD61 trustees to make the right choice and do not approve any cuts to music education programs in our district. If anything, this budget should be increased.

Elizabeth Poppe, educational assistant

School District 61