LETTER: No development until new OCP in place


The B.C. government is clearing the way for speeding up the process of building and rezoning permits. This is good news for developers.Municipal Governments would no longer be required by provincial legislation to conduct public hearings for rezoning applications, provided that the building proposals align with the city’s approved official community plan (OCP).

In Sooke, we follow the old OCP until the new OCP is approved. Any development applications accepted by Sooke will follow the old OCP. The changes in the new OCP would indicate that accepting any new development applications should go on pause until the new OCP (and new bylaws) have been approved by the council and Sooke residents through the public approval process. This will avoid difficulties in the future such as when we hear the phrase: “Nothing we can do now – this was all approved under the previous rules.”

Remember we have an election year coming up. Ask Sooke council to pause development and take time to set up the climate plan outlined in the new OCP.

Chris Moss



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