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LETTER: Oak Bay residents have had their say on marina

I do not agree with the letter from the members of the Community Association of Oak Bay saying the public has been shut out of decisions on the marina. I have been given an opportunity to respond and did. I read what resulted and I am satisfied. More input would clog up progress and overwhelm what is intended .

There will always be naysayers, those perceived as unrepresented or under-represented, those hungry for never-ending debate resulting in the project being ‘dead in the water.’ I say, “Let’s get on with it.” Input was huge. Respect that and work on that.

Those wishing more inclusion can speak up without yet another meeting, poll, rendering, plebiscite, etc.

Our Oak Bay municipal council was elected to lead and needs to do so. “Transparency” is truly in the eye of the visionary. I am optimistic.

Bob Dilts

Oak Bay

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