LETTER: Old-growth forests are nature’s cathedrals

Significant changes in forestry are essential given the climate and ecological crisis, say readers


As faith leaders, we have a reverence for nature and an obligation to respond to the climate emergency. We are highly concerned about new research issued by the Wilderness Committee showing that the BC government allowed a 43 per cent increase in the cutting of old-growth trees over the past year. While talking about preservation, the government permitted logging companies to cut even more old-growth!

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Significant changes in forestry are essential given the climate and ecological crisis.

The 2020 old-growth panel report calls for a transformation of forestry to sequester carbon from the atmosphere, protect biodiversity, and reduce the risk of extreme wildfires sweeping through communities.

We need immediate deferrals of logging of endangered old-growth forest, real economic alternatives for First Nations, as well as generous support for logging industry workers and communities transitioning to restorative forestry throughout B.C.

No one would advocate destroying cathedrals to get building supplies. Old-growth forests are nature’s cathedrals. Why are we destroying them?

Archdeacon Alastair Singh-McCollum, Anglican Church of St. John the Divine; Rabbi Harry Brechner, Congregation Emanu-El; Rev. Beth Walker, Fairfield United Church: leaders of member organizations of Greater Victoria Acting Together.


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