LETTER: Otter Point Road needs maintenance

Reader says politicians should take closer look at roadway

LETTER: Otter Point Road needs maintenance

Otter Point Road: It’s deemed a road.

But the road is bumpy from poor maintenance. It’s full of brush and trees, when it rains, water runs over the road and the culverts are full. When the water can’t run away, the road base can’t dry out and the road falls apart.

There are no road shoulders for people to walk or ride bikes, ride horses, or push baby carts.

No one does the speed limit. Motor bikes and cars use it like a race track.

The road is full of logging and gravel trucks. We have a large industrial full of heavy equipment, mills, soil business and tow companies, all use the road.

I’ve attended Sooke council meetings and talked to engineers to no avail.

Why don’t politicians walk across the road from Municipal Hall where a ditch used to be?

I guess the town is waiting for the horse to get out of the barn then close the door.

I used to be a paving foreman and heavy equipment operator and built roads, so it’s not like I don’t know what I am talking about, been there done that.

Gordon Stewart, Sooke