LETTER: Pigs run over by the train

Reader enjoyed story about Rolen Richardson and the Vancouver Island Party

Pigs run over by the train

Re: LRT system floated for Sooke Region (News, Jan. 18)

I enjoyed the story about Rolen Richardson and the Vancouver Island Party.

It got me thinking back when the CNR ran from Victoria with a stop at Saseenos and a station up Sooke River Road called Milne’s Landing Station. It ran up to Leech Town where it hauled lumber, timber and logs.

There’s a rail section in the back of Edward Milne School. We used to lay pennies on the track, when we were kids. Two of our pigs were run over by the train.

If the Vancouver Island Party gets elected and creates the Island as the 11th province, I am ready. I bought a Vancouver Island flag last summer, as Vancouver Island was a colony until it joined the rest of British Columbia in the 1800s, It had its own flag. I don’t think the train will be going to Leech Town, but coming right into Sooke. They will need a station and a parking lot.

I heard some town folk want to move the Sooke Community Hall somewhere. I also heard that it would cost about $500,000 to move the hall. Maybe they could run the tracks around the roundabout with stops near the entrances to the shopping center’s. I hope I have brought a little humor into the political situation.

Bill Wilson, Sooke