LETTER: Pitbull in attack gave his life for human ignorance

LETTER: Pitbull in attack gave his life for human ignorance

While it is unfortunate there are bite wounds which will heal, it is clear from the report that Rex was not at fault – the humans were. As the owner Kyla points out, Rex was a docile animal and once he was taken to the animal shelter he calmed down. Apparently, she pleaded with the authorities not to kill him since he was not to blame.

When will humans learn that animals have feelings and emotions like us? This fact has been revealed time and time again by professionals who study animal behaviour. I have had dogs and cats all my life and whenever I am expecting a large number of people in my house, which involves drinking that usually results in much higher levels of noise, I lock my pets away as far from the noise as possible and no one is allowed to go there until the house is calm again.

In this case there were a dozen people in the house, drinking, shouting and two men fighting. Couple this with the fact Rex had been bounced around among many homes so he really did not know who his family was or who loved him.

Like humans, animals react to situations that create fear for them and often this can stimulate a defense mechanism which is displayed as sudden and aggressive behaviour so as to protect themselves. We see this sometimes with teenagers who have been bounced around in foster homes which all too often leads to a life of violence and crime.

Within a short period following the incident a decision is made by animal control officers to put Rex down, which to me is cruelty to an animal hiding behind authority, somewhat like shoot first and ask questions afterwards.

Since Rex had immediately calmed down after being removed from the noisy and violent house, was there any thought given to call the SPCA or someone who could say, he is quiet and safe in the shelter so let’s take time and make a real effort to find the right home for this dog? All most animals want is to love and be loved and I am sure with a real determined effort a calm and caring home could have been found for Rex.

I am sorry Kyla you lost Rex, but as I see it your boy gave his life for no other reason than the ignorance and stupidity of humans. Accordingly, I hope a lesson has been learned.

Brian Crombleholme