LETTER: Populists willing to exploit others

Populist rhetoric is worse than tabloid newspapers’, writes reader

LETTER: Populists willing to exploit others

Re: Populist rhetoric fails to deliver (Opinion, July 31)

Thank you for highlighting the hazards of populist rhetoric, which convinced voters to elect a drama teacher who thinks he understands laws and prosecution of lawbreakers, and Troubled Trump who is a mixed man. Both are shallow and typical of populists.

Key factors are a free-lunch mentality and willingness to exploit others.

If the power of government to interfere in the lives of honest individuals was slashed there’d be more solid candidates, because populists would have less to offer.

There’s also a popular negativity, the neo-Marxist version is especially bad, for example, anti-Trump activists in the U.S. are accusing a brown-skinned candidate for Congress of being a racist because she apparently expressed support for Donald Trump. Some of the nonsense is worse than the tabloid papers at some grocery store checkout.

Negativity from neo-Marxist was a factor in Stephen Harper losing an election. Nastiness, lying, and breaking laws are common among activists.

Keith Sketchley, Saanich


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