(Black Press Media file photo)

(Black Press Media file photo)

LETTER: Rabbits not a good gift for Easter

Each year as Easter approaches many children yearn to own a pet rabbit. Before any parent considers adopting a bunny, let me give you some advice. Rabbits are not like cats and dogs. They are fragile creatures, and if held improperly or dropped they will suffer serious injury.

Rabbits take care and attention. Although rabbits can be litter-box trained they are not like cats. They can leave a mess all over their cage. Children might say they would take care of the mess but after a short while this novelty will wear off. Mom and dad who are busy people won’t always be available to do it and this becomes a chore.

Children will tire of a rabbit before they will a dog or cat because rabbits do not react as they do. Then the rabbit is neglected until one parent decides it is time to dump the rabbit in the wild with its friends. No! A domestic rabbit will not survive for long in a natural environment nor with other rabbits. Rabbits need exercise, and having them in a cage is torture unless they can get out to exercise.

Having owned rabbits for decades all I want to say is please do not give your child a pet rabbit for Easter. I have seen too many very sad situations with abandoned and neglected rabbits. I think a big chocolate bunny would be a far better choice.

William Jesse

Oak Bay