LETTER: Ranking candidates would lead to fairer voting

LETTER: Ranking candidates would lead to fairer voting

I have already voted not to change the First Past the Post system of voting. My reason was the choices for Proportional Representation were not to my liking.

What I would prefer is a simple transferable ballot system in each of the existing ridings. Every voter would rank their choices. If nobody receives 50 per cent of the vote the second place votes for the last place candidate would be added to the other candidates. This would continue until the top candidate has 50 per cent of the vote.

I like this system because the ridings stay the same. Voters can still vote for one of the smaller parties or a local high profile popular popular candidate running as an independent.

The voter would still have a second choice knowing that likely no candidate would receive 50 per cent on the first round. Many times voters have a favourite candidate but choose to vote for one of the the two larger party candidates as they feel that voting for a smaller party or independent their vote will be thrown away.

Using this system staunch party supporters could still vote for their party candidate and use their second vote for an independent or small party candidate. This could conceivably end up with more independent or small party candidates being elected.

Don Brown,

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