LETTER: Reading between lines on Reay’s resignation

Weekly letters to the editor from within the Sooke community.

Re: Social media chases councillor from politics (News, Feb. 22)

We really appreciate the dedication and service to the community from Coun. Kerrie Reay.

It is fascinating to read between the lines and pick out the hidden agendas when politicians make comments.

I have always said that politicians should never use the word “clear” in any explanation, because it means here comes the mud, even small town politicians.

Hasn’t there been a buzz in the past about Kerrie Reay running for the provincial Liberals for a seat in the legislature? (Editor’s note: Cathy Noel has been nominated to run for the Liberals in the new Juan de Fuca-Langford riding).

Your story on page 3 made no mention of any such future considerations for Reay, instead leaving the impression that “social media” is forcing her out of politics. Is this misleading?

It’s probably not possible to be both a local councillor and MLA at the same time, so wouldn’t she have to quit the lower jurisdiction to pursue the higher one in Victoria?

Maybe this is indeed the end of politics for Kerrie Reay because if these encounters with social media, or questions by a news reporter, can cause such consternation it would be game over in a higher jurisdiction.

So we should not expect her to pursue further involvement with politics? Would we be surprised if she suddenly commits to running for the Liberals?

Or is this whole thing nothing more than a potshot at a local news medium? Shades of Trump?

I wish Kerrie Reay well, just to be clear.

Ralph Hull