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LETTER: Residents not informed of Speedway meeting

The recent article, Proposal on track to rezone Speedway property, stated that “During the meeting there was some opposition from residents.” The reason there was only “some” opposition is that very few people got notices. That was brought up at the meeting by a woman from Haley Rae Place who asked why she didn’t get a notice of the proposed changes. To which Langford replied, “Well, if we sent out notices beyond what we’re required to, how would we know when to stop?”

In fact, residents at the end of Rason Road, where all of the traffic would get funneled, didn’t get a notice. The properties in our area are larger and so the mandatory mailing didn’t even include everyone on Rason Road. That’s disgraceful.

I would like to rebut this statement that there was some opposition as being very inaccurate. Of the few people that Langford sent notices to, there was virtually 100 per cent opposition. I suspect that number will grow significantly before the next general meeting.

Gordon van den Broek