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LETTER: Richardson bike lane plans go too far

We want to add our names to the hundreds of residents who have expressed dismay and disbelief that Victoria city council intends to proceed with the modifications to Richardson Street as outlined in recent posts.

We are elderly Fairfield residents and I am a frequent cyclist. Richardson is one of my many routes. We do not object to changes, such as calming strips and painted bike lanes. What is being planned goes well beyond the objective of providing safe cycling.

Clearly the focus is on disrupting a primary route for many residents of Victoria and Oak Bay who, by necessity, must drive a vehicle. The changes will also have a major impact on service vehicles, ambulances and fire trucks. Many side streets, including Linden Avenue, our street, will increasingly become a route for drivers who will use it as access to Richardson as a left turn will be blocked off at Cook Street.

The level of engagement with the community that preceded the decision by council is greatly exaggerated. If it was truly consultative, why would hundreds of residents be crying foul?

Please reconsider.

Dwayne Leskewitch