LETTER: Sooke councillor’s response revealing


Re: Sooke councillors missing up to 30% of council meetings (News, Oct. 14)

I am shocked by the responses Coun. Ebony Logins gave when questioned about her attendance at council meetings.

Her comment about being a cocaine addict is not funny, should never be made as an off-hand comment and she should know that people in our community are dying from drug addictions. It’s not a laughing matter.

If she feels that all the meetings are pointless and that is why she skips them, perhaps she should step down from her position on council and let someone who is interested and concerned about our community take her place.

Perhaps she should reimburse the district for the meetings that she chose not to attend because she considered them pointless.

Finally, it is the role and responsibility of the media to inform the community of issues of concern. I, for one, did not see anything in the three questions that could be taken as either ignorant, rude or accusatory. In fact, I found the article to be quite interesting and her responses to be very revealing.

Lynn West



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