LETTER: Sooke has come and gone with time


As our world changes and people struggle to make sense of it all, there is a greater need than ever to have patience with people trying to adapt. As our leaders work to enforce old rules and people find scapegoats in their neighbours, we slowly turn ugly into people we despise.

Please take a second sober look at decisions we make in haste and against people that don’t have the resources to fight back.

Housing is a precious commodity that not all can afford, so coming up with ideas that can work temporarily until the times get better would be a simple solution. Let’s not create rules during this crisis that make housing challenging to build or rent. Council, save your tree bylaws and your Step Codes for another time, as there is plenty of rules to change for the better until this is all over.

There was another town here once, and most traces of it are now gone. There are some of us left that know this because we grew up here and saw it exist. We have become such a city now that our town is not recognizable. The people in it do not care where we are going like we once did.

Like All Sooke Days, our town has come and gone with time.

Donna Clifford



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