LETTER: Sooke roads a mess

Readers says council needs to get on with meaningful needs of the community

LETTER: Sooke roads a mess

Re: Freshly paved roads carved up (Letters, Feb. 26)

The Broomhill area is far from having the worst roads in the community.

There are many deplorable roads in the older areas of Sooke getting no attention, and are never maintained to any standard. They could easily fix a few potholes or crumbling surfaces and have some presences in the community to at least project the sense that they are aware or on top of things.

How about more blue collar employees tending to the many smaller issues throughout the community?

Council should use the funds it wants for charging stations, memorial walls, declarations of climate emergencies, and nuclear-free zones and use it to improve our roads.

Quit the symbolic nonsense and get on with the meaningful needs of the community.

Ted Davies



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