LETTER: Still time for North Saanich to preserve our farmland paradise

Does council really want to destroy North Saanich, this place we residents love and appreciate?

Sure, according to Bill Gates, cows are contributing to climate change, so let’s get rid of them. We can have synthetic meat, enjoy lab-grown burgers, we can even have artificial milk and certainly don’t need chickens in our backyard either. We can have hen-free eggs. We could add all the vitamins we want and flavour for everyone’s taste and corn prepared by Monsanto – call it cellular agriculture. And why should we need a forest to relax and breathe in fresh air, there certainly will be another pill to provide oxygen for our lungs.

Therefore we don’t need farmland to grow our food – we can grow houses instead, which is far more profitable. So let’s build more houses, four storeys high, and dense complexes to take away the last space for our children. After all, they do have their electronic devices for learning, so we can forget about the luxury of free space like we were used to have when we grew up.

We are no longer the food basket that we once were, we can’t even feed our own people for more than a few days in case of an emergency. And an emergency will come, sooner than we think. Why not preserve what we have instead of listening to developers and stakeholders?

To change North Saanich is certainly not our plan, the taxpaying residents of North Saanich.

Until now we residents felt safe because of the Urban Containment Boundary. We knew that all land beyond was sacred. We had the Agricultural Land Reserve. No developer would dare to even consider touching it. Sadly, times have changed – but not we residents, who still want to keep North Saanich rural. High-density apartment buildings, small lots and courtyard housing were not what we residents had in mind when we voted in this council. Urban planners are not for North Saanich but for the cities. Let’s preserve what we have – there’s still time.

Hildegard Horie

North Saanich

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