LETTER: Streets crowded by RV parking

In the Oct. 15 edition, Norm Rider wrote about lack of parking enforcement in Central Saanich. The same situation exists in Sidney, with a town-wide 24-hour maximum parking limit.

I have no issue with residents parking a needed family vehicle on the street but the use of public streets for RV storage is unenforced in spite of complaints.

There are two such vehicles within a block of my home, and I suspect there are many more throughout the town.

In one case near me, there is a large Class A motorhome, likely worth about $250,000, which has been street parking most of 2020. Every couple of days or so, the owner moves it to the opposite side of the street or to the next block. This rig is so large, it often obscures driveways and crosswalks.

In the spring, a complaint to the bylaw department resulted in a week-long email exchange, where they insisted I go through multiple hoops and provide irrelevant personal details, before they would act. In that time, they could have taken a five-minute walk or dispatched the contracted mobile enforcement officer to deal with it.

As of this writing, the motorhome is still present, having saved the owners several hundred dollars in secure storage costs.

Ron Baker