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LETTER: Supply chain problems no excuse for challenges

Yes – global supply chains are challenged. What I find most frustrating, is that I, a mere mortal British Columbian, can and have ordered in quantity with ease: N95 masks from Toronto and rapid antigen tests from Alberta, and yet the B.C. government – which promotes itself as unique, going it alone, mavericks of sorts – appears challenged to meet the demand of health-care professionals, teachers, parents, let alone, B.C. residents.

There’s a lot to be explored in egonomics – the act or practice of self-management. Here, with my preventative approach, I merely scratch the surface.

On a personal level, it’s interesting to think about our own demand for and supply of ego-feed. Perhaps we don’t get around to thinking about it, because it’s hard to admit that we have egos to feed. And perhaps, we’d rather be admired for our ego-less humility, however, we should hold the ego-driven elected to a higher standard – for all our sakes.

William Perry