LETTER: Thank you, Elida Peers

LETTER: Thank you, Elida Peers

I would like us all to take the time to recognize Elida Peers for all the wonderful projects and events she has started and carried out in our region.

She did a wonderful job with the Canada 150 Pageant, an idea of hers.

Elida has done many other amazing things in our region, which we take for granted. Here’s a list – and only the ones I recall:

• The information signs on the Galloping Goose and elsewhere giving local historical information

• Volunteer recognition and the volunteer books and information panels at the District of Sooke

• The many historic books at the Sooke Region Museum, written by Elida

• The Sooke Fine Arts, historical society, Charters Creek Interpretive Center, the Circle Route, the restoration of the graveyard on Maple Avenue, the Cement waterlines becoming works of art and planters, the lighthouse at the Museum,

• The amazing slice of the large tree at the museum. She was the manager of the museum and was responsible for it being there.

• The statue of the fireman holding a hose in front of the fire station,

• Farm tours

• Salmon barbecue at the museum each year

• The Manuel Quimper event where a representative from Spain came to meet the ship

• Leechtown Days

Residents of the Sooke Region owe a vote of thanks to this woman, who along with the many people she has involved in her amazing tasks, have all made us much more aware of our past, our abilities to do better and to have an appreciation of where we live.

Thank you, Elida Peers

Ellen Lewers, Sooke