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LETTER: Time has come for a female mayor in Saanich

As the time passes, and the calendar relentlessly hurdles towards 2022, can the next municipal election be far behind?

Whenever the topic arises, one special thought comes to mind. Since its inception 110 years ago, Saanich municipality has never, ever had a female mayor.

I haven’t yet counted the exact number of male mayors that we’ve had, who, together, form an unbroken line between then and now, partly because it’s just too depressing. The line of photographs of old, white men in council chambers (if they’re still there) says a lot about the history of – and diversity in – our municipality.

In that long interval of time, has there not ever been one female with the interest and talent to take on this important district role? Today, is there not one able and willing female with the desire and motivation to make Saanich a better place?

What the men have created is a perpetual run-of-the-mill government with no vision, no life, and no promise of anything much better to come. So to all the young, talented females in Saanich, please, seriously consider putting your names forward for the role of mayor in the next election.

Remember, it’s a low bar you have to clear. You’ll be so glad you did – and so will we.

Dave Poje