LETTER: Too many fast drivers in Sooke

Reader says better signage may help reduce speeds on local roads

LETTER: Too many fast drivers in Sooke

Re: Death of deer was preventable (Letters, Sept. 11)

I agree with Jacquie Stinson’s letter about excessive speeding and careless drivers on Sooke streets.

I live on Mount Matheson which has a large population of deer, and yet there are drivers who drive well over the posted speed limit of 50 km/h. A deer was killed on the road two weeks ago.

Port Renfrew has a road sign that is both humorous, and in my life opinion, effective. It reads as follows: “Caution 30 km/h. Why dent your cars with our kids and dogs?”

Signs such as that one would catch drivers eyes. It may also lessen the carnage on Sooke roads, and it’s worth a try.

David Morton, East Sooke