LETTER: Traffic light on Cadboro Bay Road out of sync

The traffic light on Cadboro Bay Road at Florence goes red too frequently. As an example, the lights at Foul Bay Road going towards the high school change to green, and right after the light at Florence goes red. One cannot make it through the light at Florence.

On Cadboro Bay Road at Florence, because of the short duration of the green, traffic at morning rush hours is often backed up past the high school. In the opposite direction, there is a left turn lane for traffic turning onto Florence but it is seldom used. Furthermore, there are two through lanes on Cadboro Bay Road for traffic going north.

There is just one lane on Cadboro Bay at Florence going to downtown and many more vehicles wanting to turn left onto Bee Street for the rec centre or Shannon Oaks. This delays traffic and many drivers will simply pull into the bike lane.

The lane markings and light sequencing should be adjusted accordingly to help the traffic flow smoothly and create less pollution from vehicles idling at lights.

William Jesse

Oak Bay