LETTER: Uninformed drivers in our midst


Re: A few observations on roundabouts (Letters, Oct. 14)

With respect to Ken Levert, I’m glad he’s a retired driving instructor since his discussion on Sooke’s traffic circle is not entirely accurate concerning rules.

Like the one in Sooke, a traffic circle has one lane, while roundabouts have two or more.

Before the traffic circle in Sooke was completed, a flyer arrived in mailboxes describing how to use it; nowhere in the flyer did it mention that a driver needs to signal left while in the circle – once you’re in the ring, you’re in it until you wish to leave.

It did, however, state that you need to signal when you wish to leave it. If, for example, you are in a right-turn-only lane off a highway with no stop involved, why signal when the lane only goes right?

While unnecessary, maybe Mr. Levert feels that we should signal left while in the circle to maximize clarity to other drivers. Is this a reflection on the poor, non-alert or uninformed drivers in our midst?

Robin Krause



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