LETTER: We owe nothing to developers

Reader says no wisdom at all in mall expansion

LETTER: We owe nothing to developers

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I saw the entrance to Evergreen Centre this week – no green trees in sight amid the destruction in preparation for the new tenant, Tim Hortons.

It sickened me that even in Sooke another drive-through is “required;” that another Tim Hortons is “required.”

If a line can’t be drawn in Sooke against mindless car-based development and toward what does build community, where can it be drawn?

I am aware this has already been hashed out in council. It was argued that compromises have to made.

Yes, collaboration and compromise are necessary – to other council members, to differing opinions within the community – not to developers. We owe them nothing, just because they bring a proposal to council.

I am also aware being on council is a very difficult job, and lord knows I would not want it. I can see no wisdom in this decision at all.

Marilyn Sundeen, Sooke