LETTER: with facts, not global warming fiction

I hope that I’m not the only Sooke News-Mirror reader finding your Nov. 5, editorial: “No escaping wrath of climate change” a bit ridiculous.

Sooke made the Weather Channel today for its snowfall – dogs romping – but it was the local news of snowy, icy roads and crashes everywhere, that brought reality into sharp focus.

Any farmer expecting an “increasing growing season” had better face reality not global warming fiction.

Already last April, NOAA and NASA noted a “quiet sun” during Solar Cycle 25 which could last until 2030.

The evidence is hitting us full face today. If anybody wants to see what we are really in for in the coming years, rather than David. Suzuki’s fairy tales, then I would suggest getting on the internet and looking up the historic facts under The Maunder Minimum, when the sun went quiet for several cycles in the middle ages.

Andy Neimers