LETTER: Words alone don’t serve democracy


Re: Participation the key to strong democracy (Our View, Feb. 25)

Great to read find the editorial emphasising the need for participation in politics.

As pointed out, Canada has a high score as a functioning democracy. In the last two years, New Zealand has taken fourth place and Canada is down one rank to fifth. Our score for civil liberties is higher than New Zealand’s but our score for political participation is lower.

In the last civic election in the District of Sooke, only 42 per cent of voters turned out. On the one hand, that might suggest that 58 per cent of the voters trust anyone to do a great job. On the other hand, it suggests that our peaceful, prosperous lifestyle is at risk because we take it for granted.

The Economist is looking at outcomes for citizens. The United States is classed as a “flawed democracy” and is holding its rank at 25th. The rankings don’t count how many times the word “democracy” is used to describe a government. Words alone don’t serve us. We need to check our opinions, look for truth and consequences, and act. Between elections, act as a good citizen. Right now, the District of Sooke is asking for your input on the Official Community Plan.

Heather Phillips



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