LETTER: World desperately needs more love

‘The future of humanity is held in our hearts,’ says reader


Love Conquers All, The Power of Love, and All We Need is Love are phrases often heard but not appreciated. We live in a time where the world desperately needs more love.

Just as a lighthouse sends out its beam of light for the benefit of all ships passing by, regardless of their origin or cargo, we need to become beacons sending out love to everyone we encounter.

Love is precious, but it’s not a commodity to be handed out to only those who love us or seen fit to deserve it.

Love is limitless; there is an infinite supply. It takes no effort to give it away, nor are we diminished it by doing so. Rather, the more love we convey, the more we receive.

Everyone deserves love. Those who seem least fit to deserve our love are really those who need it the most. Likely they became who they are from a severe lack of love.

Humanity appears to be one of increasing disharmony. The resolution to this is right inside every one of us: the power of love. There is no greater power, love can’t be defeated, and it is the ultimate unifier.

Everyone who reads this must feel the inherent truth of this message in their souls. Like a lighthouse, we must all become indiscriminate and unconditional “beacons of love.” The future of humanity is held in our hearts.

Bill Needoba



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